...on engagement photos

Did you meet while snowboarding? Did you bond over your mutual love of coffee or hockey?

Activities make for great dates & great dates make for great engagement photos!

You don’t have to take your photos in a pretty park if that just isn’t you. 

There is no right or wrong way to do your photos...let that freak flag FLY. 

Here are some of the many ways to create a beautiful set of engagement photos:

-have a campfire

-go to the fair

-go skateboarding

-go apple/pumpkin picking

-go Christmas tree cutting

-go go-kart racing

-go mini golfing

-go swimming/surfing

-bring you bikes or your vintage car/van 

-go skating

-go sledding

-go for a sleigh ride

-attend a festival

-have a picnic

-take a boat ride

-attend a baseball game

-get drinks at a rooftop bar


If you love one of the ideas above but don’t know what location may fit it best,

just send me an email & I will gladly offer up suggestions!

... on elopements & intimate weddings

Like I’ve said before, there is no wrong or right way to have your ceremony. 

It’s YOUR day. Please don’t let society or family pressure you into something you won’t truly be happy with. 

Someone once said, ‘tradition is just peer pressure from dead people’ & honestly, I can’t say I disagree.  

Now is not the time for compromise.

Don’t want to wear a white dress? DON’T.

Don’t want to be walked down the aisle by your dad? DON’T.

Don’t want a formal ceremony? DON’T.

Don’t want a religious wedding? DON’T.

Want to have your ceremony at your cottage? DO IT!

Want to drop a persian rug in the middle of the woods & elope? DO IT!

Want to order 15 pizzas instead of a formal dinner? DO IT!

Want your mom to be your maid of honour? DO IT!


The happiest, most genuine unions I’ve been witness to have been unique to the couple & not filled with stuffy traditions they felt obligated to adhere to. I’ve shot weddings in backyards & elopements in Shawarma Restaurants & honestly, they were the most joyous. I’m here for all your quirky & crazy ideas. Let’s rock & roll!