Why Shoot Film?

Beautiful colour palettes.

An incomparable, ethereal look.

Happy accidents & skin that doesn't need to be airbrushed.

Light rays & lens flare!

There are so many reasons...

We live in an 'instant' world where people don't want to wait for anything, ever.

Despite this, slowing down the process can produce more thoughtful results.

Taking the time to shoot film is a conscious decision & a more considered approach that results in a more human experience.

This will be reflected in the set of images we create together, one by one, with light and silver.

Please take a moment to read through the following texts which describe just some of my favourite aspects of film shooting!

Beautiful Colour Pallettes

I always shoot Kodak Pro films in 35mm & 120 formats. I alternate between Kodak Portra 160, Kodak Portra 400 & Kodak Ektar.

The Portra films deliver a softer tone while the Ektar delivers a more saturated look. However all of them are dynamic and give us creamy highlights and the film grain we crave!

Great Skin Without Airbrushing

Film grain naturally softens skin so no heavy airbrushing or retouching is required to have you looking your best! The grains of silver that make of the film hide imperfections and also evoke a more emotional and dreamy look that is incomparable!

An Incomparable Look

No one can quite put their finger on it but everyone agrees, film has its own LOOK.

This doesn't mean that all film stocks look the same or that all film cameras produce the same results, however, there is an inherent personality to film that feels warm, familiar and never fails to create magic!

Happy Accidents.

On the topic of magic...

Mistakes don't happen all the time, but with film, when they do, we can usually embrace them!

One of the biggest joys of shooting film is what I like to call 'happy accidents'.

Minor light leaks & double exposures would fall into this category!

Light Rays & Lens Flare

One of the most wonderful parts about shooting film is the way it captures light rays. The haze & lens flares that can be produced add an intoxicating atmosphere to the images. These visual artifacts create a feel of realism & dreaminess simultaneously.


Speaking of realism... nothing is more real than film!

It is a tactile recording of your memories, painted with light!

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